Code of Conduct

The most important part of this workshop is that it should be a joyful math experience for all who participate. To this end, we, the organizers, participants, and invited speakers, pledge the following:

We recognize that we will need to be called out when we do not live up to our ideals. We promise to come to this event with an open mind, ready to be made uncomfortable as necessary, and committed to root out the defensiveness that might stop us from transformational change.

We believe that impact matters over intent.

When we make mistakes, we will thank those who have made the effort to let us know, apologize sincerely, and do better in the future.

We will leave no one behind. We believe, strongly and without reservation, that every person can thrive as a mathematician if they have the right kind of support. To help everyone realize their potential, we will take the time to explain to those who don’t know. To realize our own potential, we will listen to those who have something to tell us. We we will check in with our peers and community members, and actively seek┬áto help everyone feel at home and valued, first and foremost.

We speak our truth, and we believe that we are stronger together.