About Us

Álvaro Lozano-Robledo

Álvaro is a professor at UConn. His research interests are in number theory, more concretely in the area of arithmetic geometry (the intersection of algebraic number theory and algebraic geometry). You can find more on his website, or his blog, or his YouTube channel, or his Twitter feed.

“I think that the lack of representation of certain groups in mathematics is a symptom of a systemic problem and I want to work towards fixing it. I think a lot about what I can do that will have a positive effect. Lately I have worked towards “democratizing” math content, by creating content online that all can access, at all levels, from “Algebra for Kids” to “An Introduction to the Arithmetic of Elliptic Curves.” I have also co-organized three CTNT summer programs, which aim at introducing students (paying particular attention to the composition of the population) to the areas of current research interest in number theory.”

Christelle Vincent

Christelle is an Assistant Professor at the University of Vermont. Her research interests are in number theory and cryptography, spanning lots of different topics, and usually motivated more by the opportunity to work with nice people on cool problems than anything else. She has a website, and she retweets a lot.

I feel very strongly that mathematics is fun and beautiful, and that everyone has a right to experience math to be so by joining a warm and supportive math community. I think it’s urgent that we create spaces to foster these communities, and that we need to disrupt our current math programs, conferences, and degrees by proving that there is another, more humane and more joyful, way to do mathematics. My work in that direction includes the organization of the first Rethinking Number Theory workshop.”