About SPIE

Math SPIE is an online summer program that will run (virtually) from June 21st to July 2nd, 2021. One of our aims is to prepare students, particularly those from underrepresented groups in mathematics, including disabled and LGBTQ+ mathematicians, who are starting a graduate PhD degree in mathematics in Fall 2021. Another aim is to create an affirming, joyful community to support budding mathematicians in their studies.

This two-week program has several components. First, there will be an instructional component which will feature two mini-courses that will meet every weekday. The topics of the mini-courses, abstract linear algebra and point-set topology, were chosen because they include material that a graduate student in pure mathematics is often expected to know, but that many people do not get a chance to take as undergraduate students. The second component of the summer program is professional development, and the program will feature a number of workshops and talks that are aimed at preparing students for graduate student life, in addition to providing them with tools to succeed in their graduate program.

Finally, we will create a SPIE Learning Community of students and faculty that will last well beyond the two weeks of our program to support the participants as they complete their studies. To support the creation of this community, the organizers will maintain a forum where group members can communicate with each other throughout the academic year, and well into the future, so that they can request advice and help both from organizers and members of the SPIE Learning Community. In addition, periodic meet-ups will be organized throughout the year following the program.

The organizers are deeply committed to diversity, to promote the participation of women and other historically excluded groups in mathematics, and to attract students from smaller or less well-resourced colleges. In all of our decisions, we aim to center the experience of our most marginalized students, and to promote a culture of joyful mathematical community.